Warm welcome to our forums!

AllGoEasy is a social enterprise that strives to empower wheelchair users, or in general, Persons with Disabilities (PwD's), to venture beyond their routine destinations and activities to enjoy greater inclusion within the community. We hope to enable independence and mobility amongst PwD's and instill in them the confidence to go out and explore the world. We want to build a world where we can all go easy !

AllGoEasy Forums is a platform to facilitate sharing of information and discussion of topics relevant to PwD's. For example, you can post your experiences about accessibility of a place or an assistive technology (that you believe other users will benefit from), ask queries about accessibility of a place that you would like to visit, or request review of an assistive technology, etc.

We have various forums to enable this. Please browse through them to familiarise yourself with the scope and focus.

Note that the forums are regularly moderated, which sometimes might involve undesirable posts being deleted or users being banned. Please remember to take a look at our policies and guidelines on this.

Our intention is to keep the forums clean and the content useful to the community. We look forward to your cooperation. Thank You!