Accessible Travel to Sentosa



Sentosa is a resort island located at the southern part of Singapore. It has a number of tourist attractions such as Merlion, SEA Aquarium, Universal Studios Singapore, Resorts World Sentosa, etc.


Public Transport: If you are taking public transport, MRT is recommended.  Alight at Harbour Front station, and take elevator in Vivocity to L3, and take Sentosa express monorail which requires $4 entry fare.








Slightly cheaper option is to take Bus 123 that has 3 stops inside Sentosa. Especially helps if you are starting your journey from Orchard.


The other option is to take RWS8 bus from the Vivocity entrance.

By wheeling: If you prefer to wheel around, you can go via Boardwalk from Vivocity. It is a 500m walkway that connects vivocity with Sentosa. It is quite wheelchair friendly and even has rain shelter for the entire route.

boardwalk1 boardwalk2

See here for more information


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  • SEA Aquarium : Located at the Waterfront monorail station on the Resorts World Sentosa side. Quite friendly but the crowd level can be high during peak hours.
  • Universal Studios Singapore: Located adjacent to SEA Aquarium. Most places are accessible but a few are not.
  • Merlion : Located at Imbiah station. Has ramps to go in, so accessible. But ths place too can be crowded.
  • Beach : Can access Siloso beach and Palawan beach from the beach station. Only the road along beach is accessible though. The view will be spectacular during day time.
  • Imbiah Lookout : This place has several attractions such as Images of Singapore, Madame Tussads, etc. but the route to this place is not very accessible. From Imbiah station, one needs to take a long stretch of ramps. Also the place can be quite steep and dark during nights.

Tour Recommendations

RWS Tour:

  1. Go to Vivocity (Hardbour Front MRT) and take Sentosa Express from Lvl 3.
  2. Alight at WaterFront station.
  3. Visit attractions such as SEA Aquarium, Trick Eye Museum and Universal Studios. Also can go along the water side to enjoy the view.
  4. Return back to Vivocity via the train. Or explore the below tours.

Merlion Tour:

  1. From Vivocity (Hardbour Front MRT), take Sentosa Express from Lvl 3.
  2. Alight at Imbiah station.
  3. Visit Merlion .
  4. Return back to Vivocity via the train. Or explore the below tours.

Beach Tour:

  1. From Vivocity (Hardbour Front MRT), take Sentosa Express from Lvl 3.
  2. Alight at Beach station.
  3. There are two directions to explore.
    1. Head towards iFly Singapore and the road will take you to Siloso beach. You can enjoy the ‘Songs of the Sea’ attaction here. Also can go along the road to enjoy view of the beach.
    2. If you take the road behind you (car park), it takes you to Palawan beach. Just follow the covered walkway. The beach view is spectacular. Also, the ‘Port of Lost Encounter’ and ‘Palawan Pirate Ship’ are located here.
  4. Return back to Vivocity via the train.

Wheel ‘n Easy Tour:

  1. From Vivocity (Hardbour Front MRT), take Sentosa Express from Lvl 3.
  2. Go to river side and wheel along Boardwalk and enjoy the view.
  3. After you reach Sentosa entrance, go towards TrickEye musuem and follow the path to reach Universal studios entrance. Visit any attractions you like here.
  4. This is actually the Waterfront station. Hop on the monorail to explore Merilon tour and Beach tour above.
  5. Return back to Vivocity via the train.

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